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Thailand Trip

20 Nov. 2015 Posted by WillsR

In October half-term eight Camborne Science and International Academy Students travelled to Thailand for a school exchange, accompanied by Miss Millar and Miss Waddling. 

Students were able to use the high-tech library facilities to write about their time in Bangkok. 

"We visited Mahidol Wittayanusorn School in Thailand, which is around an hour away from Bangkok. It took almost 24 hours to finally reach our destination (6055 miles away from Camborne), which included a bus journey and two flights as we transferred flights in Bahrain. When we arrived at the Bangkok airport, we were immediately shocked with the temperature change and no one was prepared for it; it was absolutely boiling, even though it was late at night. After an hour long minibus trip, we were met at the school by our buddies who were incredibly helpful, and showed us to our rooms. The journey was very tiring, and the many changes in time zone made it even more exhausting so we all went straight to bed." - Emily D Y11 and Samuel N Y10

 Students soon got used to the weather in Thailand but did find the trip very hot! Luckily the classrooms in the school had air-conditioning.

"The assemblies in MWITS are very different to what we have in the UK. First of all you have to stand up, which is a struggle in itself because of the humidity, whereas we are used to sitting down in a much cooler climate. They also have to sing the Thai national anthem when they are raising the flag, and they will also pray because most of the people in Thailand are Buddhist.   Next we had the lessons and they weren't like CSIA either. Firstly, when the teacher walked in all of the students in the class say 'Good morning teacher.', and at the end you were not allowed to leave when the bell went. You were only allowed to go when you said, 'Thank you teacher.' They were all very polite to the teachers and all the students were very well behaved." - Jasmine B Y10 and Connor W Y10

Miss Waddling says "I was so impressed in how involved the CSIA students were in the lessons. There was a chemistry quiz where students used a microphone to answer questions and in Biology all students had a go at dissecting an earthworm and a fish! The Thai kick boxing lessons and art lessons were also brilliant fun."

"For the home-stay weekend we stayed at our buddies houses in Bangkok. Some of the students had to stay in a hotel because their familyís home was in the north of Thailand which is 6 hours away so their families came down on the home-stay weekend just to see their CSIA students.   

During the weekend 6 of us spend the whole weekend together because our buddies had organised trips away with each other. We went to JJ market and the MBK mall which was 6 stores high. Each evening we went to dinner together, first to a boat buffet down the biggest river in Thailand and then to a large outdoor restaurant where we had our last meal with all the families. 

We were all very sad to leave our families because they were so welcoming and gave up lots of their time and money to make sure we enjoyed ourselves." - Autumn W-M Y11 and Tom A Y10

 When CSIA students werenít in school or on home-stay they also had a chance to see some of the tourist sites in Bangkok. 

"During our 10 day trip to Thailand we have been to many main tourist attractions. On our first day we did a tour around the school and departed to attend a historical museum and learned about the history of Thailand. We also had a meal at an expensive and beautiful restaurant with the Headteacher. On Wednesday we attend Sampran Riverside Park. We took part in traditional Thai activities such as bamboo dancing, Thai boxing and many more. After having lunch at a local restaurant we went back to Sampran and watched the elephant show and had the chance to hold snakes and take pictures with the elephants. 

We were excited to attend the Grand Palace and the Temples. Almost every temple was made out of solid gold and was very pretty. After lunch we had the opportunity to be in an art class and paint some cultural pictures.   

On Thursday we spent the day in school attending class with our buddies. The class teachers were very friendly and helpful. On our last day before departing for home-stay we had English and History lessons. During English the class performed dramas about ghosts from other countries inspired by Halloween. We decided to prepared a drama on the beast of Bodmin Moor, it was really fun to take part in the lesson. Then during the afternoon we had a Thai Kick boxing class and the departed for home-stay.  

On the Monday back after home-stay we had science lessons and were able to participate in dissecting fish and earthworms with other students. On Tuesday we are going to classes with our buddies then departing to go to down town Bangkok and the shopping in tone of the biggest malls in Thailand, MBK department store. On our last day we were given the chance to ride elephants and shop at the floating market. Overall our trip to Thailand was an incredible experience and we all highly recommend attending this trip." - Shania G Y10 and Amelia B Y10

Miss Millar "Our students were a credit to CSIA and took part in every opportunity with enthusiasm! Student buddies at MWITS were fantastic and it was brilliant to see students from across the globe socialising and working together. It was an incredible trip and Thailand is a beautiful part of the world."

Miss Waddling, Miss Millar and all the CSIA students want to thank the teachers and students of MWITZ for their stay and experience in Thailand.