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RUISF - Osaka, Japan

21 Mar. 2016 Posted by WillsR

Mr Price, Miss Trevorrow and the students felt extremely privileged to take part in the Ritsumeikan Uji International Student Forum in Osaka. The event saw Year 13 students and staff take part in a five day Humanities conference. 

Mr Price, History teacher at CSIA, said "We all felt that we developed personally as a result of meeting people from such a wide variety of cultural backgrounds." The group experienced trips to Osaka, Kyoto and the surrounding temples which "literally took my breath away. A particular highlight was our visit to Nara, where we enjoyed feeding deer and exploring the town."

CSIA students worked with others on projects about some of the most relevant topics facing humanity in the coming years. 

One student said "It was great to hear so many different perspectives and to share our experiences of how these issues may affect us in our varying nations."

"Our students were passionate about how Humanities, Science and Arts could be effectively used to tackle current affairs." commented Miss Trevorrow, PE teacher at CSIA. "We were so impressed by the independence of the students and the maturity with which they approached both the academic conference and the cultural aspects of the visit."

"It is vital for students to expand their world-view, to be taken out of their comfort zone and become global citizens of the 21st century." added Ian Kenworthy, Principal. "We're incredibly proud of our international programme which allows our students to forge connections around the world, to learn about other societies and customs, develop as individuals and be inspired by the multitude of opportunities which lie ahead of them."