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Key Stage 5

Psychology is the study of the human mind and why humans behave in the way that they do. Psychology helps the students to develop and communicate effectively, give them an insight into how our memories work, which can be particularly helpful for revision and essential evaluation skills.

Psychology at Camborne Science & Community College is taught in classrooms with interactive whiteboard capability. We also have a small ICT suite available to support learning within the humanities faculty.

Psychology is an optional subject at KS5. It is taught through three 100 minute lessons a fortnight in Years 12 and 13. The exam board we study is AQA Specification A.

At AS Level Psychology students study two units of work. Unit 1 covers cognitive psychology (the study of memory), developmental psychology, attachment theory in babies and children, as well as completing research studies. AS Psychology is assessed in January through an exam (worth 50% of the AS final grade or 25% of the finalA2 grade).

In unit two we study biological psychology (the study of stress), social psychology (we look at obedience and conformity) as well as individual differences (which is the study of abnormality). This unit is through an exam in the summer (worth 50% of the AS final grade or 25% of the finalA2 grade).

At A2 Level Psychology students study another two units of work. In unit four we look at relationships, eating behaviour and aggression. This unit is assessed through an exam taken in January (worth 25% of the final A2 grade).

In unit five we study schizophrenia, media psychology and psychological research and look at scientific methods. This unit is assessed through an exam taken in June (worth 25% of the final A2 grade).