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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is offered as an optional subject (non-compulsory) from Year 9 and is studied as a double award, which is worth two GCSE’s.  The course is studied over 3 years and the examination board is OCR.

This course is untiered and covers all levels of ability from A*A*- GG

There are four units of study - two external examinations (40%) and two controlled assessments (60%)

As a subject discipline, Health and Social Care is diverse and vast and combines elements of science, psychology, sociology and nutrition.  A fundamental theme of this course are the principles that underpin all care work such as trust, dignity, confidentiality, respect and anti-discriminatory practice.  Students will not only develop a academic understanding of Health and Social Care, but also experience personal growth by developing confidence, social skills and effective communication skills.

Health and Social Care is taught by a team of specialist teachers who are passionate about the delivery of outstanding teaching and learning.  The strength of our department is our continued success of achieving excellent results through our commitment, endeavour and passion for the subject.  In order to learn the key concepts in depth, students are encouraged to experience health, social care and early years occupations, which can be achieved during work experience placements undertaken at CSIA in Year 10.

About the course/units of study

Students will learn in a variety of ways including, academic and local research, guest speakers, videos, teamwork, oral presentations, and ICT. Students will be expected to adhere to the highest standards of work ethic by contributing to a positive teaching and learning environment and respecting other students’ right to learn.  Students are therefore encouraged to work to the best of their ability and to meet all important deadlines.  There are four units of study (two controlled assessments and two external examinations).  Examination and Controlled Assessment periods are taken in June during Year 10 and Year 11

Unit A911 Health, Social care and Early Years Provision

Students will learn about the different types of services available and how these are organised.  Students will also explore how people access care services and the possible barriers that might prevent access.  Job roles will be researched together with a sound understanding of the principles care values.  (Controlled Assessment)

Unit A912 Understanding personal development and relationships

Students will focus on the norms of development through five main life stages.  Students will also understand how different factors can influence human growth and contribute to the development of self- concept.  Students will study different types of relationships, major life changes and sources of support throughout those life changes.  (External Examination)

Unit A913 Promoting Health and Well Being

Students will investigate the health and well being of an individual.  Through surveys and questionnaires, students will explore positive and negative factors of the person’s health, interpret physical measures of health, and consider the risks to the person’s health and well being.  Students will produce a health plan relating to the chosen person.  (Controlled Assessment)

Unit A914 Safeguarding and Protecting Individuals

Students will learn that service users in care settings can be vulnerable and there may be situations where people may need to be safeguarded.  Students will learn about various Acts and Legislations, which help to protect vulnerable service users.  Students will also learn about preventing the spread of infection in care settings and how to deal with first aid emergencies.  Students will learn how to recognise potential risks to people who use care services and learn how to carry out risk assessments. (External Examination)