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Citizenship and PSHE Day

12 Apr. 2016 Posted by WillsR

There is an old adage that states 'Money makes the world go round'. From a Citizenship and PSHE perspective, I would argue that it is people and how they work together that makes the world go round. This was particularly evident at our most recent Citizenship and PSHE Day where our students shone in demonstrating their skills base and knowledge in preparing for life beyond Camborne Science and International Academy.

Year 7 students started off the day challenging their enterprise skills in looking at everyday objects and developing their creativity in thinking of alternate uses. They then entered the world of finance where they opened a bank account, managed their incomes and eventually planned the party to end all parties, which stuck to a strict budget and ensured that the event broke even. 

Ollie T said "It was fun to learn about finance and how the world works. Developing our own financial literacy is really important so we can be prepared as adults."

Year 8 students concentrated on preparing themselves for their option choices. This can be a very challenging time for our young people as they think about what to do at Key Stage 4 and how that may impact their adult lives. They looked at how to overcome the challenges that they may face during the options process: developing their self-confidence: recognising stereotypes in careers and sought independent information, advice and guidance from a variety of sources. It is essential that students make the careers and education decisions that are the best for them and secure them the opportunity to be the best that they can possibly be.

Vanshika M said "The day really helped me in thinking about how my options link to future career choices. I also can't believe that people are crazy enough to think that if you are a pretty girl you can't be an engineer!"

After PSHE Day there are some Year 9 students out there who I would be more than happy to place in charge of my finances and organise my bank account!  Year 9 students spent the day developing their financial literacy skills learning the finer details of budgeting: understanding what information is contained on a pay-slip and what financial terms mean. 

At the close of this year, Year 10 students will be participating in a week-long work experience. All of their Citizenship and PSHE Days this year contain elements that prepare them for interacting with their future 'employers' and potentially securing further part-time and full-time posts. Students concentrated on skills for the workplace; seeking independent careers information, advice and guidance and developing their networking skills. 

Macauley B said "It was interesting because we covered a range of topics that helped me figure out what I want to do in the future."

Year 11 students had an insight into the world of parenting in their first session of the day, with a certain element of shock at how much babies can produce and need! An appreciation for the financial commitments that accompany adulthood grew throughout the day including a task where students had to consider 'unexpected' outgoings such as a car tyre needing replacing or budgeting for a loved one's birthday that month. 

All Key Stage 4 and 5 students were able to participate in a Careers Fair which was organised by Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. It was an absolutely outstanding event with representatives from many companies across Cornwall. The event certainly highlighted the aspirations of our students. Students had previously looked at networking skills and it was wonderful to see them put these into action as they interacted with employers from the Healthcare, Military, IT, Engineering, Law, Catering, Art, Marine and University sectors. 

At the centre of the Hall was an aircraft engine, sonar equipment and heat sensors that had been brought in from RNAS Culdrose; Dynamo Healthcare brought along a therapy dog; Anson Care tested blood pressure; the STEM Ambassadors from the Royal Cornwall Hospital shared surgical equipment; 3D Kernow astonished students with their 3D printed animals; Nalders Solicitors generated enthusiasm for the law; Focus Technology had some very impressive robots; Pendennis Shipyard were able to share footage of what happens in building a ship; Cornwall Marine Network got students to try on their scuba gear; Springboard Hospitality also shared exotic fruits with the staff and students which led to many a surprised cry as their taste buds were challenged! 

The National Citizenship Service were on hand to advise students about opportunities that were available to them throughout the summer months to support the development of their CVs and hone greater skills. Post 18 options were also explored with Cornwall College; Exeter University; University of Plymouth and Falmouth University. It was truly exceptional and our students were praised by all of our visitors for the way they represented themselves and the school. We have had some students secure work experience placements with these companies and some students have highlighted that there are now jobs that they would consider in the future that they did not even know existed. 

Betty C said "I was able to use my networking skills to get two work experience leads which will support my future career."

Year 10 and 11 students also had the opportunity during the day to meet University Ambassadors who were able to give them an insight into post 18 life. These sessions enabled students to get a first-hand account of university life and helped students realise what a life-changing experience university can be. The University Ambassadors joined us from the University of Plymouth, Cornwall College and Falmouth University. 

KS5 students spent the day looking at how to prepare for adulthood. Year 12s considered their personal well-being and their online presence. Year 13s concentrated on 'flying the nest', looking at the skills needed to manage a household; balance a budget; manage their rent; evaluate relevant insurance and options regarding credit and saving. In order to support their lifestyle change, Year 13s also looked at their employability skills with the Young Enterprise team; personal presentation and networking to get them the best jobs in securing their economic independence. 

Citizenship and PSHE Day was a fantastic day had by all, huge thanks must go the University Ambassadors who took time out of their studies to meet with us; Cornwall Chamber of Commerce; the businesses who shared such an immense amount of information with us and inspired many; the School Nurse for highlighting the importance of the C Card scheme; SCADA for their insightful information and guidance on drug and alcohol use and the Young Enterprise team for running really useful workshops.

We are continually developing our careers provision within the school and would love to hear from family members about their careers and what their training involved. Please contact Mrs Gellatly on gellatlys[at][dot]uk if you would like to discuss this further. 

Mrs Gellatly