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19 Jan. 2016 Posted by WillsR


Canada Bioinnovation and Sustainability Conference

Sustainability, security and stability in terms of the food we eat and the water we drink is a global issue and one that five students from CSIA investigated in a recent international visit to Winnipeg, Canada. 

Over the ten day conference, students from Canada, Australia and CSIA discussed the complex issues surrounding securing long term food production and access to clean water in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Visits to sites which are integral to the production of food gave students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the ëfield to forkí process. Scientific investigation into soil samples, water testing and a case study enabled students to explore the biological and chemical elements relevant to bioinnovation. 

Students then had to create a project based on the learning which had taken place from the visits. They were given a ëcase farmí to study and needed to produce a plan to ensure food security and production at this farm, using their findings from soil sampling. International perspectives were critical to the work students produced and team work was integral to recommendations students made to their case study for the week: Adanac farm. 

The students had the following comments to make:

Molly C - "Cultural highlights of the trip included staying with a family who had not lived in Canada for their whole life and it is nice to meet new people from different cultures that live in different parts of the world. I especially enjoyed the food in Canada and I loved trying new foods such as poutine and other Canadian dishes. The families that you meet are just lovely and on this trip I have met so many great people from all around the world. Doing this trip has also made me more confident in working with different and new people as on the trip we had to do a project on food and water security with people from all around the world which has been amazing and I have made lots of new friends. I am certain we will stay in contact."

Freya H said, "It was an amazing experience, especially staying with our hosts. We saw lots of new things and tried a range of foods."

Megan B - "The home stay was a brilliant experience because we each got to experience Canada from the perspective of a local rather than just a tourist. It was really fun to see their different cultures and try amazing foods!"

Ellie P said, "What I've learnt is that Canada has many differences from England including how different the school environment is with students electing to take credits each semester. I find Fort Richmond Collegiate a very friendly and welcoming school. However, the two countries have similarities, such as the food and lifestyles that the families have. It was interesting to visit a part of our colonial heritage. The friendliness of everyone made us feel more relaxed and at home."

Abbie - "I would recommend the Canada trip to others because it has given me a greater understanding of how much we take for granted, the Manitoba Human Rights Museum really opened my mind to think about what we have now which earlier generations did not have. For example, equality between races and that events like the holocaust happened because the different religions and races were not equal. I would recommend this trip to all students because the cultures are so different to ours because there is a wide range of diverse heritages. The school took us on lots of trips around Manitoba, such as: the farms and surrounding area, the Forks Market and the Human Rights Museum. I would definitely go on the Canada trip again because the people are so kind and I have made many new friends. I wish to stay in contact with many of them in the future and extend international links. I hope I can make more memories like this trip again."